• "This ramen is a game changer! Just heat and eat, yet it tastes like a master chef has slaved over it for hours. Authentic flavors at my fingertips - absolutely divine!"

  • "A culinary delight right out of the microwave! This frozen ramen exceeded all expectations. No more late-night takeouts, it's delicious convenience in a bowl."

  • "Can't believe it's not restaurant-made! This ramen is bursting with flavor, perfectly balanced and so easy to prepare. My tastebuds traveled to Sapporo, Japan tonight!"

  • Classic Ramen (Miso/Shoyu/Shio)-Quick-Comfort Ramen Kit

    Classic Ramen

    Experience a staple of Japanese cuisine with our Classic Ramen. It's the quintessential ramen experience that will transport you straight to the heart of Sapporo, Japan.

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  • Char-siu Ramen (Miso/Shoyu/Shio)-Quick-Comfort Ramen Kit

    Char-siu Ramen

    Indulge in a hearty bowl of our Char-siu Ramen. Each bowl comes with three succulent slices of char-siu pork, which is a robust meal set to satisfy any ramen lover.

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  • Teriyaki Ramen (Miso/Shoyu/Shio)-Quick-Comfort Ramen Kit

    Teriyaki Ramen

    Experience the fusion of traditional ramen and popular Japanese flavor with our Teriyaki Ramen. Each bowl comes with tender, glazed teriyaki chicken that adds a delightful sweet and savory touch.

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How to make "SORA's Quick-Comfort Ramen Kit"

Quick-Comfort Ramen Kit Delivery

Delivery Service

Currently, SORA's Quick-Comfort Ramen Kit is available only on our partner sites.
*Delivery is the 2nd & 4th week of Fridays / Every month.
*The order deadline is delivery week's Tuesday at 17:00.

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Miso broth Ramen

Miso - 味噌

Rich and savory, Miso Ramen combines fermented soybean paste with chicken broth for a hearty, umami-filled experience.

Shoyu broth Ramen

Shoyu - 醤油

Balancing sweet and salty, Shoyu Ramen, infuses soy sauce with a complex chicken broth, offering a traditional taste.

Shio broth Ramen

Shio - 塩

It features a light and clear broth seasoned primarily with salt. The result is a delicate, subtle flavor that showcases the pure essence of the ingredients.

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